Fire and Smoke Alarms for the Hearing Impaired

Church architecture is invariably very beautiful, often extremely delicate, and usually designed to make the human spirit soar. At the same time church attendances are dropping in most western nations, and those who do attend are often from an older generation, often suffering from hearing problems.

church fire alarm

How do the people responsible for church maintenance deal with safety and security imperatives like fire and smoke alarms discreetly, while fulfilling today’s strict health and safety regulations and keeping up appearances? This is one area where the latest in hearing impaired smoke alarm and hearing impaired fire alarm tech comes into its own.

Traditional smoke alarms make one hell of a racket, and as long as you can discern the noise you’ll be able to know when you’re in a risky situation. But when you’re hard of hearing, ordinary smoke detectors don’t always cut the mustard. Hearing loss means you can’t always detect that typical smoke alarm sound. The same goes for ordinary fire alarms.

At the same time those responsible for churches want to maintain that ethereal, lovely and often ancient historic look, a place people focus on their spirituality rather than being forced to focus on ugly wiring in the eaves and electronic gadgets obscuring views of the stained glass.

Fortunately wireless fire and smoke detectors come to the rescue, and they’re just one of a host of contemporary hearing impaired products. They’re not only small and neat, ideal for an ecclesiastical setting where discretion is important, but the different types of smoke detectors mean there’s bound to be a solution that’s perfect for the shape and size of the space in question. To find out more about fire and smoke detectors which are good for hearing impaired people visit:

Home smoke detectors can work just as well in a church as long as their reach is broad enough – you need a gadget that detects trouble in a large and airy space in good time to give older people time to escape to safety. A commercial smoke detector system designed with the hard of hearing in mind will suit a large church a lot better. If you’d prefer to use smaller, domestic versions, you can always fit several rather than one larger commercial model.

You shouldn’t need two systems, one for people who can hear OK and another for those who can’t. A hard-of-hearing fire or smoke alarm should be perfectly adequate, of not more than enough, for hearing worshippers.