Church Maintenance

Maintaining the church is very much like maintaining any other building. The only difference is that because churches have to manage their maintenance within a narrow church budget so they often employ volunteer workers to get the job done.
Maintenance of a church must be very coordinated and should be done on a regular basis as the church is a place which always has something going on with its premises.

Following are some organized means by which the maintenance of a church can be made easy.

 christians-432075_640           Events Calendar

An effective facility management within a church requires it to have a central calendar which has all the events of the church listed on it. This record can be maintained by means of an electronic calendar application or simply a card calendar. This will bring a great deal of ease in the management and coordination of church facilities.

            Cleaning Schedule

It is important for a church to be neat, tidy and clean. Make a cleaning schedule for the church which is in accordance with the events calendar of the church, the cleaning crew should get the church ready before hand in case of any event that has to be conducted within the church. The church is normally a very big building and its deep cleaning on a daily basis is simply not possible so the crew should be advised to carry out general cleaning daily and a deep cleaning once a month.

            Maintenance Schedule

All buildings need maintenance. You just have to find out what exactly I the building needs to be maintained or repaired. Just talk a walk around the church campus and make a list of all the things that need to be fixed. For example, the walls that need to be painted, the bulbs that need to be replaced and the pipes that need to be changed. Write it all down and then go about them one by one according to a schedule.

            Volunteer Work

It is advisable to schedule volunteer days twice a month. This helps to get people involved in the maintenance of church facilities. This lightens the burden as it gets shared among many people who are willingly available for the work. This, however, demands a lot of planning and organization. If handled in the right manner, the volunteer day can get you a lot of the work done in just a couple of hours.

            Safety Training

It is important all the staff of the church is given safety training. They should be educated as to how they can carry out assigned tasks while considering the safety of themselves and that of other individuals. It should be made sure that all the staff is well informed about the equipment they are using and know exactly how to handle it without causing themselves or other any injury.

            Landscape Maintenance

Many churches have a beautiful exterior landscape which adds beauty to its magnificent architecture. This beauty needs to be looked after otherwise it loses all its charm and gives a very bad impression to all those who visit. If the church has a garden or a lawn, try indulging people in planting trees and flowers so that the church stays clean and beautiful, the way it is supposed to be.