Church Architecture

Places of worship are always representative of a particular religion and they are customized in such a manner that their atmosphere and architecture restores all the related beliefs, customs, and traditions which have been practiced and employed throughout the course of time.
Churches, in the same way, represent the religion of Christianity and no matter which country you are staying at or no matter which corner of the world you reside in, all churches will show a few features associated with them which will have a certain uniformity similarity in their architecture.
Listed below are a few features which are considered to be an essential part of the traditional church architecture:


A steeple is always made a part of a church building and it serves many purposes.
It gives the otherwise short church building, a pleasing look of harmony and makes it the highest point at in any town enabling the residents to find the church from any part. It is also believed to set the vertical lines of the church straight enabling the people to have their eyes vertically to the heavens.


It is the path between the entrance and the pulpit area. It is one of the main parts of the traditional church architecture.


It is that area where the choir and the pastors are located. It can be raised or simply at the level same as the nave.


It is a pool or a bathing area which is connected to the church and here the practice of Baptism is conducted. It is usually built on the floor of the chancel area.


It is the table where communion is celebrated. It is also sometimes called the communion table.

            Stained Glass Windows

The glass windows are colored (made with the oxides of metals). The primary purpose of the stained glass windows is to create a dim light inside the building which gives a sense of the presence of God to the people. The dim light was believed to be heavenly.


It is a platform from where the preacher delivers the sermon. This platform is raised and located at the center of the chapel. In the past, it used to be located at the Gospel side (left side) of the chapel.

            Cross/ Crucifix

A cross is a part of all the churches. Catholic churches show with an image of suffering Jesus while the Protestants show a bare cross which reflects the fact that Jesus got over his suffering.